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Hidden deep in the mountains, the abandoned stronghold rises before you. It once belong to an evil necromancer, who died during a dark ritual. You've heard of tales about incredible riches, but no one has told you about the vicious trap to repel intruders. Will the Deathflood swallow you up or can you escape with enough loot to change your fate?

Welcome to Deathflood - Dungeon of Doom. In this game you are locked deep down in a dark dungeon full of evil creatures, traps and a constantly rising flood. Your main goal is quite simple: To escape this hostile place...alive. At second glance, your quest might not as easy as expected. There are additionals objectives, hidden secrets, some nasty pitfalls and several choices to make.

System Requirements:

This game was created for the Commodore 64. If you're playing on real hardware, you'll need a 1541/1541 II drive and a joystick.

The game can also be played in a C64 emulator like Vice. There you can play the game with many different controllers or a keyboard.


  • Three worlds with unique graphics, foes, gameplay and soundtracks
  • 19 very individual levels, most with several paths to finish
  • Choose between two heroes with different strenghts
  • Multiple game goals and game endings
  • PAL/NTSC support
  • Protopad support

You can download a digital version (C64 disk image) of the game and the manual here for free (see downloads below).

poly.play is publishing a boxed version of the game. The box includes a printed manual and a lot of other extras. There are three versions available:

  • 5 1/4 " Disk
  • Cartridge
  • 3,5" Disk

For details and (pre)order visit: https://www.polyplay.xyz

For some extra information about the game and upcoming projects visit our site: https://www.windigo-design.de/wp_projects.html

Published 27 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Commodore 64, Fantasy, Medieval, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer, Retro
Average sessionA few minutes


deathflood_dod_build_2023_04_27.d64 170 kB
deathflood_dod_manual_2023_05_12.pdf 2 MB


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muy buen juego, es un trabajo excelente, gracias por mantener vivo el c64

Lovely game, this is my tribute to this...

Thanks! I always enjoy watching people play the game. A good way to identify aspects that I could do better next time :-)

I still can not get it to run on a real comodore 64.  I downloaded the built and put the folder on my SD2IEC SD card.  I can then load and run "FB", locate the .d64 file and go in it.  If I select "Loader" it just runs forever showing "loading".  The game itself can be selected, but I just go back to the ready prompt and nothing else, "RUN" does nothin.

You cannot run the disk version from an SD card directly, since it has a dedicated disk loader. What you can do is to load the game directly as you already did. But instead of typing RUN you have to type SYS 2064 and then press enter. Then the PAL version is started. Or you try the cracked version from csdb.dk.

I use FB to find the .d64 file, do in it,  select game, and click enter.  Bottom of screen fills with stuff and then the black C64 screen.  I then type sys 2064, get a bunch of stuff at the top and then a dead black screen.  PAL/NTSC (my monitor can do PAL or NTSC, but the C64 is jumpered for NTSC (I think there may be a resistor change also to change it to PAL.  Never the less, even as an NTSC C64, it should be doing something.  I just got the SD2IEC, so I am still not sure how to use it yet.  The only think I know so far is to LOAD"FB",8 then type RUN to use their file browser.  I have Death Flood under a folder of its own and then the .d64 file under it. My apologies; it would be best to have a floppy, but I have no idea how to make a single sided 5.25" floppy.  I do have the 1541 drives, but know way to download a file off the internet on my modern computer and make a 360K 5.25" floppy.  I may be able to  do a 3.5" floppy, using util software and a USB 3.5" floppy drive,  but I do not have a commodore 3.5" drive.  This is why I ordered a SD2IEC device.  Maybe it is not a good solution either.  So I am not sure what to do at this point.

I wrote a small article today,  where i describe how to get the game started on real hardware via disk or Sd2iec.  You can find it here: https://www.windigo-design.de/wp_articles.html

Looks cool!

amazing stuff!:D

Please sd2iec versión Is amazing gane but no work my sd2iec dawn

I can not get it to work.  I have no way to create a 360K 5.25" floppy with it on to use with a 1541 drive.  I give up; I don't think the real C64 version works, maybe only the emulator? (which I have no interest in).

I can't find the words, just that I simply love it. Here is my longplay. I'm looking forward to the sequel with slightly better controls.

Very nice :-) How many endings have you seen so far?

So far, I have only seen this ending "King". I assume that if you play as The Amazon, there is an ending "Queen". How many and which other endings are there?

Maybe a fortune teller can tell you that ;-) But they are not character specific. There was no memory left for that.

I like the atmosphere, fun game! Looking forward to the sequel(s).

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Great game! Found two issues: 1. When you press Run/Stop in the intro you get a CPU-Jam. 2. If you press "Space" in the in-game manual you also get a CPU-Jam. Tested on Vice3.6.1 with Dolphindos 2.0. With standard kernel all is fine.

Fortunately, the game does not require keyboard input. Thanks anyway, I'll check that for future games.

I am not schooled enough to talk about this but it is not the first time that someone with a fpga and dolphindos sayes that something is not working. Most times it helped for them to change to stock kernal etc as it seems that fpga is not automatically perfect. Just my two cents

Great game, can be added the crt version on download? due to i use on real hardware and only in  days i get a floppy drive and for now i use KFF or SD2iec and i have the infinite loading screen as the manual say, thanks for the great game!

Thanks for your feedback. It took some extra effort to create a version that could be used to manufacture the cartridges. This version should be available exclusively for the physical cartridge release - at least for some time. Sorry :-(

thanks a real CRT is awesome i will consider... for now a friend send me a version - how quick some people made the non official cra... - without intro with only the game and it works and i use for testing the game because  in days i will have a real floppy drive and copy your original D64 file into a floppy to use as regular version (and i prefere always an original if it is possible). 

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Thanks for sharing the picture. Seeing the game on real hardware is great :-) I've some original hardware lying around but even don't know if it still works. The original CRT has a nice selection menu for intro/game ;-) 

Very cool game. Pity you can only download and there is no option to donate via PayPal. You deserve it. For me, one of the candidates for game of the year. Great work.

Best 2023 game for the C64, Period. 

Awesome game !


too bad the female protagonist is wearing a sackcloth instead of 'nothing' like in my piccy. huge oversight imho, it needs that barbarian 2 female type look. other than that, it's nice 7/10

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Very cool game. As the editor of "K&A PLUS" magazine ( https://ka-plus.pl/en/ ) 

I would like to talk to you about this title. I invite you to my email. 

yahwey88@gmail.com 📧

Regards. 🖐️

Retro Chłop 😉

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Question: I am very new to C64s and am enjoying repairing them more than using them - lol.   I downloaded the game and manual, but the game extension is .D64.  I thought the extension has to be .prg?   I can put it on an SD card on one of the plug in adapters I have, but I really though it needed to be a .prg?  No?

A .prg is a single file. A .d64 is a complete disk image. You can drag it onto Vice for example to play it in an emulator or you can copy the files from the disk image to your SD card. DirMaster ist a tool that can be used to extract the files from the disk image.

Thank you! This is exactly what I needed; I am still learning this world (back when I was young, I had Ohio Scientific and not cool stuff like this and was more in to Electronics engineering).  I have collected a number of  1541 drives (Flappers and not the twist engage).  I really don't see transferring the game (or games) to floppies, but if I did, I am guessing that would have to be done on the C64 itself.  If I have an older 90's DOS PC with a 5.25" drive, are there utilities that will allow it to write 5.25" disks?  I don't know if single sides drives would be needed or if a higher end 5.25" drive could still write to a lesser format.  I only ask because I have a ton of 5.25" floppy disks, both low and high density, and have 3D printed several disk box and have others.   It might be nice to be able to do that for the 1980s "feel".  I think I could also get the files to the older PC via an XTIDE card.

As far as i know, writting C64 disk with an pc 5.25" drive doesn't work. Once i had a cable someone made for me, to connect a 1541-II via serial port with my 486. Last year i wanted to backup some C64 stuff from my old disks and just bought a XU1541 interface from ebay to connect my 1541-II via USB with my laptop. Worked perfectly. Does this answer your question?

Hah, via RS232? Brilliant, yet thank you.  That probably is the way.  I'll look in to it; thank you.

On a real C64, can't seem to get past "loading....."

P.S. - trying to run it from uSD on a Kung Fu  Flash.  Maybe it will not run from there?

Yes, you need a real disk drive. There is a cracked version on CSDb. I havn't tried it but afaik there you can load game and intro directly.

Hi and thank you for this game! Making C64 games is not an easy task and you have accomplished that! The concept and presentation of Deathflood are great, please keep improving the execution of the game itself, as it could use some polishing to improve things further. I would suggest taking stock of the feedback on itch from various players and then using that as a task board to implement into the physical version from poly.play. (https://www.polyplay.xyz/Commodore-64_1)

Thanks for your feedback. When i started coding the game i made some lesser good decisions due to litte expirience in coding assembler on the C64. So there are aspects that would have done completly different now, but this would require to rewrite large parts of the game. Some of the flaws don't weight that much when you've played it for some time and the game was created with a motivation to play it again (multiple endings). So i decided to leave it as it is and gather the feedback as foundation for the  successor.

Nice! A successor would be awesome and well done!

The gameplay is addictive but it controls a bit difficult on ladders and stairs... Dont know the right english word... Hakelig in german. Nonetheless it plays great, has intense moments and the different exits are a nice idea. 

The music fits perfect. Art is also nice! Definitely something i would buy but i dont want to go down the rabbit-hole of buying games for hardware i dont own. 

Gratulstions! Well executed! 

Why no "pay what you want"?

I mean... Thank you for giving it away for free but buying a physical copy is the only way to say thank you... And i dont have real hardware so buying a physical copy is a bit overkill for me :/

We do this for fun and fame :-) Taking money for it only complicates things. If you leave us a comment here with feedback (positive or negative) we would be very grateful. The physical copies are a limited extra for people like me who love old game boxes. It is quite expensive to make all the material for the boxes and have them made. We don't make any money with that.

But thanks for wanting to support us :-)

Awesome game!


I just had a go playing this game. First of all, well done in making a nice free game for us. Great presentation. The title / intro music suits the atmosphere  really well and the game tune really rocks. Well done. :)

Thanks :-)

Is this a final build or just a preview?

It's the final build.

thanks! Good luck with the game, we will review it in ZZAP! 64 soon

I'm really looking forward to it.



whoa, nice. pdf, free... all this needs is a little cover: https://ibb.co/kX1Mw0s

Very nice :-)

this looks great but wheres the water XD